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Local Entertainment & Culture in Litchfield County

KLEMM Real Estate can help you find more than the perfect home. We know that just as important to you as the perfect kitchen or stylish living spaces is the community you’ll call home. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of helpful information and resources that help you understand what entertainment and cultural experiences await you and your family in Litchfield County. Whether you’re looking for fun community events, luxurious restaurants, enriching museums, or art galleries full of breathtaking works, we know that you’ll find exactly the entertainment resources you’re looking for. We’ve built this list of local libraries, theaters, galleries and more to help you get a sense of what Litchfield County offers, and we hope that you can begin to imagine your life here in our community as you browse these resources!

Litchfield County, known for its quaint New England towns and scenic countryside all just a short trip from New York City, is home to a rich and lively cultural and entertainment scene. When you’re in town, whether on a visit or in your new hometown, you’ll be impressed to see all that the area has to offer. Catch a play in a quaint community theater, grab a delicious dinner at one of the area’s locally-owned restaurants, or spend an afternoon exploring one of Litchfield County’s many art galleries. No matter your tastes or interests, Litchfield County has something just for you!

As a family-owned firm, we have decades of experience helping families like yours find the perfect luxury home in Connecticut, just a short trip away from New York City. But in addition to our demonstrated experience helping clients buy or sell their homes, we have worked to build strong connections and relationships with other community and business leaders. Let us introduce you to the beautiful and colorful community we call home, and see why someday soon, you might call it home, too!

KLEMM Knows Food 2021

Download the latest Restaurant Guide produced exclusively by KLEMM Real Estate to help our buyers and sellers find a great bite to eat in the area.


Rainy day, new release, or whatever the reason, find all of the local movie theaters below and see what is playing.

Local Farm Stands

Find the following list of local Farm Stands providing fresh, locally-sourced produce and goods from the community.

Nature Centers & Land Trusts

Take in nature at one of the following nature centers and land trusts that are open to public use.

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